Roberto Pasini

essential biography

I am Roberto Pasini, and Kalamun is my name as a freelance. "Free" so to speak.

Roberto Kalamun Pasini
Aquarius, I was born and grown-up in Treviso (Italy).
When I was 21 I lived in Madrid (Spain).
At 23 I moved to Ravenna (Italy), where I decided to become a freelance.
At 31 I moved to Paris (France), where I currently live and work.
I am vegetarian, I believe in decrease, respect and time. In the little we have.

I didn't graduate, I work with computers and I find satisfaction in many of the things I do.
Like everyone else, I also work for large companies, but I still have great sympathy for the small businesses.

I love to learn new things and my job requires it: this is for me the greatest reward.

I have a personal profile on Facebook, one for nerds on Google Plus and a professional one on Linkedin.
I twit and I post photos of my days on Instagram.