What I do

No, I don't fix computers

Today everyone does everything, besides the son of the fellow who does websites for free, there is the grocer who makes "fresh fresh" websites, there is the butcher "I did 2Mb what I do, I upload?" or you go to the ironware store "if you take three, the site is included"... everyone is a webmaster now.
I'm not one of those.

Frutta, Verdura e Siti internet

I develop high customized websites for those needing high standards, efficient as well as effective. I manage complex web projects, supported by some collaborators for parts of SEO and promotion on social networks.
I have developed my own CMS, called Orichalcum, which I've released under open-source license, but I also have great experience with WordPress.
I take care of the usability of the interfaces, of the code quality and interoperability on different devices.

I love graphic arts, I design and create layouts for websites, applications or paper, I design logos and illustrations, even animated.

To better understand what I do and how I do it, please visit my portfolio.
For any questions, feel free to contact me.