Germania BlitzTour

Of course, going to Berlin becomes really alternative-trendy.
And I'm really alternative-trendy and also a bit radical-chic, so I'm going next week, to play with Teatro Satanico.
We have planned two performances: friday march 11st, 2011 at Club Debil in Dresda, and saturday march 12nd, 2011 in Berlin, at N.K..

Teatro Satanico - tomba di Peter Pan sul Monte Grappa (VI)

I know, there are few possibilities that you are near Berlin in this days, so this post make no sense. To tell the truth I speak to you, my devoted readers, using plural, but I don't know how much are you: maybe I should write to one person, or not write at all.
Truth is that I'm affiliate to the second category. The first is the one that write in internet in order to vent frustrations caused by a boring life, the second is the one that write in internet thinking to the page-rank of the search engines.