What a bore the virtual classrooms!

This morning I've partecipated to a InDesign e-learning course (in Italian, of course) by Adobe.
For the first time i was student of an electronic course, and it was unpleasant.

I was expecting something hard evolved, considering the respect that I have for Adobe, but it was boring.

First of all, the technological infrastructure, based on Adobe Connect, was not up to the 400 course members. Audio was intermittent, and when there was a lot of posts via chat the connection with the server fell, until came back after some seconds.

Second thing, the contents. The few that I could see was quite simply.
Even if the teacher was an AdobeGuru, she explains only basic lessons, easy to find otherwhere like books or websites. I was wainting something more practical ad advanced, and I don't know if it cames after I log-out from the platform.

Third thing, the boooooore. I thought that the classrooms, although virtual, could be very stimulant. But was very difficult to maintain high the attention, so I ask myself: make sense?
I have seen many pre-assembled tutorials, that thanks to the post-production, that means the mixing of media resorces in order to obtain a clean and well-formed product, was very fast and interesting. The course of today was boring and the only positive element gived by the live streams, that is the opportunity to ask, was inhibit from the connection problems using the chat and from the effort to manage 400 people.

Results? I log-out after half an hour.